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R&D, production and sales of environmentally friendly materials and products
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Ginza, Chuo-ku
104-0061 TOKYO - JAPAN
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Catégorie : industriels
Activités : compoundeur
Marchés : emballage - agroalimentaire/agricole, emballage - cosmétique, batiments & construction
LIMEX developed by TBM Co., Ltd. is a new material made mainly from limestone (CaCO3), that can be used as an alternative to plastic or paper. It balances ecological sustainability and economic viability. As the development and production of alternative materials for plastic such as Bio PE, Bio PA and PHA progress globally, LIMEX is a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly new material. Since limestone is the main raw material of LIMEX, which can be procured all over the world. Considering the spread of limestone at the national level, . Manufacturing LIMEX and its products require less amount of material than manufacturing plastic products. Another feature of LIMEX is that it can have various physical characteristics corresponding to the raw materials to be combined. It is possible to develop physical properties such as biodegradability, biomass, recyclability, etc. according to the regulations and demands of countries and regions. By creating a locally-grown and locally-consumed industrial model abroad, we will contribute to the creation of local industries and employment.
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