APTAR CSP Technologies  
Adhérent depuis 2018
Conception et Fabrication de solutions plastiques étanches et actives par injection. Fabrication de Polymers absorbant.Emballage - cosmétique
9, rue du sandholz

grand est
GPS (48.9302854, 7.6464839)
: +33 (0)3 88 09 89 00
Catégorie : industriels
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Marchés : emballage - cosmétique
Aptar CSP Technologies is a material science specialist delivering innovative, highly-engineered, active packaging solutions, that protect products. Aptar CSP is the world leader in moisture protection and gas scavenging solutions. Our company is focused on pioneering new technologies and customized designs that ensure product protection for sensitive products. We are a responsive, flexible partner committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing. Our portfolio of products falls into four categories: vials, films and blisters, molded components, and specialized packaging solutions. CSP Technologies has developed active solutions and services to protect sensitive products in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems/medical devices, diagnostics, food, and sensitive electronic components. CSP desiccant material technology can be used to control the kinetics of adsorption, absorption, release or transmission of gasses.
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